Friday, August 14, 2009

2 good days for me. Had fun shopping today with my niece and sister. her big 17 is coming up. and yesterday I messed with the blog. Keeping busy and upright is the key. No sitting and lying down. Still trying to adapt to the new PC. Im supposed to go out tomorrow with by GFriends but have forgotten where. I hope they call to remind me. They havent seen me since I told them about the dystonia. I hope they dont get all mushy. Its hard on me, trying to keep it together. Make me laugh instead! Kipper had a good meeting with the neuro Dr and he thinks Im on the right track for my treatment but includes a lot of needles! I hope I can take it but it will give me some relief for 2-3 months. Then back again. I may time them so I can take some trips in the fall. My sister says I dont get the whole blog thing and am supposed to be more positive. I was going to tease her and my daughter and take a picture of all the butterflies lying in my pool but she didnt think that was funny. She says Im different. We are just going thru different things. Yes I can spell and punctuate but Rambling is the actual point... actually she is the one who cant spell as I pointed out on her first blog...mine is on purpose! LOL Ive always been sarcastic! thats where my daughter gets it. Kipp is too. we have a different sense of humor. But We think we are thats what matters! Hope everyone who reads this has a good weekend including me...thats funny cause no one reads this but whatever:)

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  1. Shari,
    I didn't realize that you were already on my blogs that I follow list. Thanks to KarenSue for sending your link to me and then I realized (silly me)...

    I'm very sorry that you have been diagnosed with this illness. I know the devestation, pain, and frustration that comes along with this disorder. Sharon, I suggest that you visit and log into the Dystonia Neuro Section. There are many people on this site who discuss their struggles with Dystonia. This site helped me to realize that there are other people out there who are going through something similar, as this is a very rare disorder (as you know, I'm sure). You'll need to supply a user name, etc. But, it is pretty simple to join this site. You have a thyroid condition, too? Yes, we must definitely talk. There is also a thyroid group under WeGo Health as well. If possible, please join and we'll talk further. My screen name is ChyvonneB.
    I'm also under twitter for now (we'll see how it goes) under the above screen name.

    Take care and Keep in touch.