Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MRI day, I tried to get out of it but they tracked me down.    House is ready, cleaned cause he wont do it. Dont want to come home to a mess. Such a girl thing!  Huh?   This is just sinking in that my head will shake forever.  I wanted to be the fun healthy  Gramma who made it to all the weddings and danced.  I dont think that will  happen now.  I was so young when Joey was born!  No one else has any grandkids yet. Ive always told Kipp I was in a hurry to go everywhere and get everything done.  He thought I was crazy. Now I know why. My brain was telling me things. My Mom "visited" me about a month ago and said she was waiting for me. God I hope not!  I have too much to do and too many babies to rock!   She will just have to wait... Not many people can pinpoint the exact day their lives changed forever.  This could be one of them.  I can name them all...Jan 14, 1973  The day I met Kipp......  May 8th, 1978 the day I found out I was pregnant with Kristin and  Jan. 6th, 1980...when I was   pregnant with Lindsay...and  the days the grandkids were born.  Others too , the days my parents died..etc,  calendar of my life.    Kipp is painting a house today for the Primrose house in Orlando.  Thats funny cause he cant paint.  He doesnt around here anyways.   Someone must have twisted his arm.  Sue is bugging me to mess with my homepage so I will try again til Kipp gets home to shower.  I dont really care about that part. The writing things down means more. Gives me someone to talk to, dont want to bore people with it all!  Cya later 

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