Monday, August 10, 2009

Okay Today s the day I find out what all the fuss is about. I just write down my rambling thoughts and people read them...How random. send them into space.   I wrote a bunch of funny stuff down and then the Apple Crapple blanked out   lost it all.  Im a 55 yr old Floridiot stuck in Hell. I barricade myself in the A/C til Oct. I will travel anywhere/anytime.I can be ready in 30 minutes. i keep all my clothes clean so I can always go!  but I hate flying. Its a control thing! I have 3 great friends, more on the Sistas later. A husband of 34 yrs who is actually being nice lately. 2 Grown daughters who have given me the most beautiful grandchildren!   Joey Jacob Ashley and JD and soon to be Kyle!  I am so blessed...  i Love shopping   NYC  London  and anywhere its cold  Alaska!    My friends and I have taken some killer trips, Depends usually needed.  I would tell you more but Terry was taken to the mother ship, she is the keeper of the knowledge. Sara is the Drama Queen, Mo is the So. Belle and I think Im the princess. Do Princesses really know they are the princesses? I will see if I can download a picture and some music


  1. Your big sister is going to have to teach you blogging etiquette. Never any bad words. This is a nice place.
    Do you realize you have 2 blogs?

  2. Tonight is better! Had a nice talk to my buddy Terry! She can make anyone laugh!!! saw my old old friend from High school. She was in my wedding a hundred years ago. The house is quiet,all the animals were bathed today and now asleep. that includes the old man. I have never had my own place or my own room. I think about that, what it would be like. Tomorrow Im going to give this Mac a burial at sea.. in the pool. I want a Viao so bad. My other was struck by lightning twice. It did not live. maybe I will sneak to Best buy and get one. help out the economy. it is my job! My big sister keeps thinking she needs to tell me things. i dont listen, never have. this is my page not hers! No flowers butterflies etc... Just kidding. Im not domestic at all. Never buy anything for the house. Could care less. I would rather go places do things etc. only the dogs live here. I sleep here and then Im gone. Im at the bookstore, I read half a book a night... on itunes always finding new songs. I love new artists. hey I knew Rob Thomas when he was in Tabitha's Secret. Dear Joan is still one of his best! Love my Bff's we take each others things to the grave, except the slip about the 200 dollar shoes I once made. Its nice to have people you can tell anything to. No judgements. say what you think do what you want. They know all my crushes. tee hee and I theirs! we will be lesbians with husbands in our old age. LOL we are having a compound together each with her own duties! laughing so hard we pee! Tomorrow is nail day then off to the MRI and some liquid valium. what else could a girl want. I hope I take a good picture. Cya